DUNE JEWELRY SEEKS ADDITIONAL Packaging and Production staff


Dune Jewelry, The Original Beach Sand Jewelry Co. in Hyde Park, MA is looking for regular entry-level production / packaging workers and will be providing training to those interested. Dune Jewelry uses a patented process to inlay individual beach sands throughout the world into sterling silver designs. These positions do not include any metal work, only inlaying & packaging. All positions require detail orientated individuals who are not afraid of repetition in their position with a strong attention to detail. Each piece is made-to-order from our wide range of designs, so the work is diverse and the individuals will be strictly focused on production & packaging depending on experience. Consistency is key to upholding the quality craftsmanship and turn around times we promise our customers.

We are seeking applicants with jewelry, packaging and manufacturing experience; we will be hiring for 2-3 days /week commitment depending on experience / training turn around & we hope to see the individual grow into a full time position.

  • Our studio is located in Hyde Park (MUST HAVE CAR)
  • Compensation will START at $11
  • Must be able to start IMMEDIATELY
  • Previous Production / Packaging / Manufacturing Experience is preferred
  • Training will be provided.

Application Requirements: 

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Please highlight previous jewelry making, packaging & manufacturing experience
  • References if available
  • Weekly Availability (looking to start 2-3Days, we are flexible)

How to Apply: 

Please send compelted applications to the EMAIL ADDRESS HERE


Sand Stories: A Grandmother’s Love

image010For my entire life, my grandmother lived in Florida on the Gulf of Mexico. When we visited her, we would go to a bar on Hudson Beach. It wasn’t fancy bar or a fancy beach. We would sit out on the big wooden deck and eat nachos and as grownups, drink margaritas in plastic cups. At sunset, they would celebrate by ringing a bell. The sun would glow, pink and red and disappear into the water, leaving a deep blue sky and the sound of waves. When I was nine or ten, I went swimming on the beach on Thanksgiving Day with my little sisters. Local folks thought it was too cold and laughed at us. Last Christmas, the last time I saw my grandmother, we took a break from visiting her in hospice to go to the beach. We had a drink at the bar, celebrated the ringing of the bell, and the darkness covered our drawn and worried faces. On the way to the car, my son and I decided to wade out into the gulf in our jeans and let the warm water wash over our legs. For a moment, time wasn’t linear, and all of the times I had been to that beach with my grandmother and the people I loved were there and I could laugh as my pants got even more drenched.image011

My grandmother was perhaps the single greatest influence on my life. She was an adventurer and the life of the party. She was always up for exploring the world. She grew up in a small farming town in Ohio and her dad wouldn’t help her pay for college because “women just get married.” But she believed there was a much bigger world out there to explore. She traveled internationally with my grandfather. When he passed away and she was in her 70’s, she took a camel caravan across the desert with her friends. Up until the year she died, she lived an incredibly busy life. She was insatiably curious about the world around her and met every situation and every person with a genuine desire to know more about them. For this reason, she had many friends. In her nineties, she took classes on things like how to decorate her home or how to use the internet. She discovered she loved Wii bowling and would drag her friends into an arcade to play. She volunteered “taking care of the old people” as she called it. I think most of the “old people” were chronologically younger than her.image005

Still, with everything she did, she always had time for her granddaughters. Even in the hospice, she tried to push herself to regain strength and walk so that she could dance at my sister’s wedding. We told her to rest, that it was ok, but she wasn’t much for taking it easy. I called her all of the time and we would talk and talk and talk. Even though she wasn’t allowed to go to college, she made sure her two sons went to school, that they understood the importance of education, and she taught my father to raise his girls to believe anything was possible for them. She ended up with two granddaughters with PhDs and one with a Master’s degree. She read my dissertation all the way through and asked me questions. Whenever I called, she always ended our conversation by saying “Call anytime Jenny, I love to hear from you.” And that’s what she said the last time we spoke, before she passed away. Even now, when it has been nine months since her death, my first impulse when anything interesting, exciting, weird, funny, or sad happens is to call her.image006

We will probably never go back to Hudson beach, a small beach in a nondescript area of Florida. We will probably never go back to that beach bar and watch the beautiful sunset, marked by the ringing of the bell. So I’m glad I thought to take some sand, the last time we were there, and then to find a way to keep that with me every day. For this Christmas, my parents and I gave each of my sisters a piece of jewelry. We gave my little sister Lindsay a Dune Jewelry necklace with sand from Grandma’s beach, and my other sister Laurie a bracelet with sand from Hudson and from Captiva Island where her wedding was this summer. Grandma couldn’t make it to her wedding, but the two sands bring those two memories together.Jenny, Ollie, and Marian 2

Better still, I had to send that sand to Dedham, MA. I didn’t know I would be sending the sand to Dedham when I ordered my necklace, but Dedham is where my other grandmother, my Nana, lived for decades. It is a town I knew very well, where I spent the Christmases and summers I wasn’t visiting my grandmother in Florida. My Nana was very into history and genealogy and had been very active with the Daughters of the American Revolution. With all of my summers going to the library at the Endicott Estate, Plymouth Plantation, Sturbridge Village, and walking the Freedom Trail, the history of that area made a major impression on me, and I wrote my PhD dissertation about women in the Boston area and their experiences of the Revolutionary War. I did research in the Dedham archives.  It made me smile when I saw the envelope. So in a way, my sand necklace actually ended up being a remembrance of both of my grandmothers, and the ways they shaped who I am and to whom I owe a great deal.image012

This is my story of my grandmother and the time I spent with her on the Florida gulf. Because of who she was as a person, everyone who knew her had their own stories filled with her love, her insightful thoughts, and her mischievous glee. My grandmother’s death has been very hard on my family and on my sisters and myself. More than anything, I would love to be sitting on the dock of that beach bar right now, drinking a margarita with my Grandma, watching the big red sun sink down over Hudson Beach. But since I can’t do that anymore, it is awfully nice to have a bit of that beach with me, hanging around my neck.

This blog piece comes from Jenny Kokai, our December Blog Contest Winner! Jenny won a free Sandbead for having her story chosen. Do you have a story to share?  It’s easy to enter!  Click below…


Featured Retailer: Blue Mangrove Gallery ~ Marco Island, FL


Photo Courtesy: cntraveler.com

Blue Mangrove Gallery  is located on Marco Island, the southernmost point on the West Coast of Florida.  The owner, Christie Marcoplos had resisted returning to the gloriously intense world of marcomapowning her own business.  Yet, her entrepreneurial spirit could not be squelched especially in such a tropical island paradise bordering the precious Everglades.  Therefore, in December of of 2006, Blue Mangrove Gallery was born.

After owning a florist gift shop in New England for almost 18 years, she fled to the land of sunshine and calm turquoise waters of the Gulf. Her last thought was to reopen another small business. However, Blue BlueMangroveCustomerMangrove Gallery became a delightful journey and has grown into a known destination shopping experience as well as a favorite stop for new and returning vacationers.BlueMangroveInside

The Gallery is always brimming with colorful, fun and inspirational art and fine handcrafts. There is a something for everyone, including loads of artistic jewelry.  Blue Mangrove entered the exciting world of beads with the exquisite Trollbeads line, then expanded with an exclusive collection of Florida designed and created Marco Island Beads.  Christie was ecstatic to find DUNE JEWELRY!  It was an DuneJewelryBlueMangroveabsolute perfect fit, especially with the white shell sand from Marco Island. The Dune Sandbeads were introduced late in the 2012-2013 winter Sandbeadseason and quickly became a top seller. The Dune earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces became an instant success as well, but the sweet Sandbeads just sell themselves!


Photo Courtesy: humanandnatural.com

Companies like Dune Jewelry are what the Blue Mangrove looks for. Unique, professional, ethically minded in the business world, and not to mention high quality and well-designed.

Marco Island has an abundance of restaurants, a long white sandy beach offering many watersports & Eco tours into the 10,000 Islands but one must be sure to experience the Everglades, walk some of the trails, spot alligators, manatee, dolphin, roseate spoonbills & more. There is a subtle unspoken beauty not to be missed.


Visit Blue Mangrove Gallery the next time you are visiting Marco Island or Naples! Christie and her staff will be sure to welcome you into their eclectic gallery and help you find something truly unique for yourself or loved ones.  

Blue Mangrove Gallery
1089 N Collier Blvd #417
Marco Island, Florida 34145
Phone: (239) 393-2405
Email: bluemangrovegallery@gmail.com

Sand Stories: Corolla and Beyond

Sunrise-Duck NCFor the first time, my husband and I went on vacation with his parents and my Mother to the Outer Banks. We stayed in Duck, NC. I had 2 weeks worth of sightseeing crammed into one week of vacation. But the number one thing that I wanted to see was the wild horses of the Outer Banks!!Jockey's Ridge-mom

We did it all; from flying kites at Jockey’s Ridge (the tallest natural sand dune in the Eastern United States), to climbing the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse (WHEW!), to visiting the house where they had recently finished shooting the movie Nights In Rodanthe. Towards the end of TracyBill-Hatterasour trip, we headed North towards the town of Corolla, NC. This was going to be our last chance to see the feral Banker horses.  From what we were told by the local townspeople, our chances of seeing them were unlikely. The horses are very elusive.Mom-Corolla

We took our 4-wheel drive vehicle on a designated beach just outside of town. It was SO much fun to drive on the beach!! We came upon 3 wild horses! How beautiful and majestic they were! It CorollaHorses2was a wonderful experience that we were able to share as a family, sitting there watching the wild horses while hearing the ocean waves crashing behind us.CorollaHorses1

It turned out, this was the first of a handful of vacations that the five of us traveled together. We also went to Panama City Beach, FL and Gatlinburg, TN.  A few months after our trip to TN, my Mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and died early the following year. I yearned for more vacations with her, but am grateful for the ones that I had. In memory of my Mother and our vacations together,  I purchased a bracelet from the Sandbead Collection with 3 Sandbeads.  One bead was from Duck, NC and another was from Panama City Beach, FL to commemorate our vacations. The third Sandbead was from Gem Beach on Catawba Island in Ohio. This is a beach that my Mother’s family visited as a child and where we recently scattered some of her ashes.

The bracelet is BEAUTIFUL and a WONDERFUL tribute to my time and memories with her. It is a small piece of her that I can take with me on future vacations.

This testimonial was written by a Dune Jewelry customer and our November Blog Contest Winner, Tracy Clevenger. We love to hear about the stories behind everyone’s orders.  We were thrilled that this one came with so many wonderful photos.  Thank you for sharing your story, Tracy!  We are so happy you love your Sandbead Bracelet and are excited to create a FREE Sandbead for you to add to your collection!  

Sand Stories: A Gift of Hawaii

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen your loved one can’t get to their favorite island, you can bring the island to them!

That’s what I did for my Mom’s 70th birthday gift. As a cancer survivor, her chemo ordeal left her with searing nerve pain in her legs, which has made it impossible for her to travel more than a half hour to anywhere – which meant there was no chance for her to get from New Jersey to Hawaii, her favorite place on earth and the location of our most memorable family vacation ever.

When I saw that Dune Jewelry had several Hawaiian sands in their Sandbank, I made a stealthy call to Mom to ‘reminisce’ about our Hawaiian family vacation…and I got her to remind me that it was Waimea Bay that was her absolute favorite beach of that trip.  I looked again and there it was…Waimea Bay in Dune Jewelry’s Sandbank.  Bingo!  I quickly requested a Sandbead with Waimea Bay sand.  Even though this was the very same week when the owner, Holly Christensen had her baby girl, the Dune Jewelry team got our Sandbead to us in no time at all!hawaiibirthday-blog

Mom was going to flip, and that pretty little sand-colored gift box sat on my kitchen table through several re-schedules of her birthday lunch. Chemo nerve pain doesn’t take a break for social outings.

And soon, we were seated by a lake at a wonderful restaurant for Mom’s 70th birthday lunch, so grateful that she even made it to 70 after her ultra-scary stage 4 cancer diagnosis and grueling treatments and recovery. As she opened it, you can see her figuring it out and then being overjoyed!  She couldn’t get to Waimea Bay, but Dune Jewelry brought Waimea Bay, Hawaii to her.hawaiibirthday-blog2

So if you have any cancer survivors in your circle of loved ones, you can make them feel better about any travel impossibilities they now face as the price of their survival, by bringing them a little bit of their favorite place on earth.

And if you have any current cancer-fighting warriors, their Sandbead, Sandbar or other Dune Jewelry piece can be an inspiring gift of “We’re going to go here when you’re all better.” And it will give them strength, hope, a look forward to when they beat their cancer and eventually find themselves on their favorite beach in the world, promised by you. A positive attitude is everything, and hope is everything when you’re in a battle…and every day your loved one sees that Dune Jewelry piece you gave them, they’ll be lifted up.

This post was written by Sharon Naylor, a Dune Jewelry customer who sent us this beautiful letter with photos. Thank you, Sharon! We love to hear all the great stories behind the pieces made for our customers. It makes us feel so much more connected to you all.

Featured Retailer: Palm Island Resort ~ Cape Haze, FL

resortPalm Island Resort, located on Florida’s Southwest Gulf Coast, is the state’s only true out-island resort.  There are no bridges or causeways to the island, which ensures a relaxed, tropical vacation setting.

Palm Island Resort is situated south of Tampa/St. Petersburg, between Sarasota and Fort Myers.  They offer 161 privately owned villas and condos and 21 homes in “Old Florida” style architecture on a 2-mile stretch of pristine natural beachfront which is accessible only by boat or car ferry.  Since cars are resort roadnot allowed in the resort, guests can park their car in their island parking area.  Transportation will be provided by their bell staff but golf carts are also available for rent for registered guests.  When you depart from the car ferry or tie up at the docks, it’s an unmistakable feeling of relaxation as you approach Palm Island Resort.goflcart

In 1976, Dean and Gar Beckstead had a vision to build an island resort.  Together they purchased the 130 +/- acres of land that is now Palm Island Resort.  Unlike a typical hotel, the resort was built in stages beginning at the south end of the resort and finishing at the north end.  The Rum Bay Restaurant and General Store opened in May 1988.rumbaystore

The Rum Bay Store is adjacent to The Rum Bay Restaurant, a tropical island dining experience in a casual atmosphere.  The store is centrally located on the island and offers a unique selection of gift items, Palm Island logo wear and beach trinkets.  This is what gift shop manager, Kacey Plummer had to say about Dune Jewelry: “Everything is handmade in the USA.  Our Dune Jewelry pieces are unique and 100% Palm Island. dunepalmislandDune offers attractive prices for us and our customers.  They also make ordering easy, with low minimums and the ability to create custom pieces.”

Palm Island Resort has been involved with the Lemon Bay Conservancy, Habitat for Humanity, Lemon Bay High School Project Graduation Murder Mystery Dinner, Paddle Addicts and Race Around The Island, a big stand-up paddle board race attracting participants from all over Florida.  They have also acted as a host for Tropical Nights, which is the area’s largest YMCA fundraiser.

The Palm Island Resort has 5 heated pools, plus hydra spas and gas BBQ grills at each pool area.  There are 11 hard tennis courts available for play at no charge.  Their recreation center offers a variety of rentals including golf carts, bicycles, canoes and kayaks and fishing equipment.  They can also arrange for wave-runners, motor boats OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand fishing charters.  Golf is available nearby at several championship golf courses depending on your level of play.  The resort offers 3,000 square feet of flexible meeting/function space , perfect for weddings, family reunions and social events.  Deli, hand-scooped ice cream and small grocery items are sold at Coconuts, a small shop below The Rum Bay Store.  In addition to The Rum Bay Restaurant, guests can dine at Leverock’s, the resort’s mainland restaurant located in the Palm Island Marina.  It is easily accessible by water taxi.

When researching your next vacation, look no further than Palm Island Resort.  Leave the fast-paced mainland behind and enjoy the soothing tranquility that comes with a true, island setting on Florida’s Gulf Coast.  While you are there, visit Kacey and his staff at the Rum Bay Store!  They will help you select THE perfect piece of Dune Jewelry to remember your stay.  Oh, and beach brides…this place has you covered with everything in an exceptional setting that your guests will never forget.  Contact them to start planning!

Group picture sunset

Palm Island Resort
7092 Placida Road
Cape Haze, Florida 33946


Sand Stories: Wealth and Poverty in Nicaragua

NIC-Managua-new-picI am lucky enough to have a brother who worked  his butt off in college and made something of himself.  He is obviously the one my parents love the most!  😉  I am happy to reap the rewards of his hard work.  He has become a world-traveler with the US State Department and is living two-years at a time, all over the world.  And where he goes…we go!  Recently las cardonashe was living in the Nicaragua capital as the Undersecretary to the US Ambassador to Nicaragua.  My family and I went to go visit him at his casa in Managua.

A relatively short and painful plane ride took us to another world. I have never seen a place so different than what I know.  We were staying in a mansion with more rooms than I could count, numerous bathrooms, a fantastic pool and guards at every entrance to be sure we didn’t have to be bothered by “reality”.  We lived it up with the most amazing food, sights and weather!nica water

We took a trip through the more remote villages to see a volcano and some lakes, and I was in shock at the conditions we saw families living in. Many “poor people” in the U.S. have big screen televisions and more Food Stamps then they can spend in a month. There, I saw dirt shacks that housed entire families.  The children had no shoes and wore the same clothing every day.  Food was so scarce,nica kids and an education was a luxury no one could afford.  But I heard music everywhere and I saw smiles on so many faces!  It just reminded me that we have so much here in this country, but most of it is unnecessary.  Happiness can be attained with so much less.  If we were able to spread around some of our extreme excess, it would make such a difference in the lives of others around the world.

This blog post was written by our Dune Jewelry July Blog Contest winner, Liz Carroll.  She won a Dune Jewelry Sandbead!  Ready to share YOUR story for a chance to win? ENTER HERE!

Featured Retailer: The Lazy Gator ~ Murrells Inlet, SC

The owners of The Lazy Gator felt that Murrells Inlet had the right setting, location, and ambiance for the store. The quaint fishing village features many restaurants along the waterfront but there was definite need for a gift shop to serve visitors and local residents.  After recognizing the need and seizing a retail opportunity, they opened The Lazy Gator and have made the business a year round operation. They are located in the heart of Murrells Inlet along Highway 17 Business, across from the Murrells Inlet MarshWalk and Restaurants.   They even provide complimentary parking for the MarshWalk.LG-store

The Lazy Gator has over 12,000 square feet of retail space which offers a huge assortment of unique coastal items.  The actual building is over 15,000 square feet and used to be a restaurant called the Ghost Ship.   As a year round gift shop they provide a relaxed, fun atmosphere and personalized customer service to their visitors and local residents. You can find just about anything at The Lazy Gator from coastal decor & nautical collectibles, Christmas items, artwork and jewelry to their famous fudge and Lazy Gator Gourmet items!  Some name brands they carry include LG-rocking chairsVera Bradley, Tervis Tumblers, Spartina Bags, Kameleon Jewelry, Jim Shore, and Salt Life.

Being in a coastal town made Dune Jewelry a perfect fit to add to their retail collections. They wanted visitors to be able to take home a little piece of their favorite beach to remember their time in Murrells Inlet. Many residents are there for the beach life and the staff can’t think of a better way to extend thatLG-Associates beach life than to wear a unique piece of Dune Jewelry. They love that the Sandbeads fit on many style bracelets or can be worn on a chain.  They think the classic simplicity of the jewelry allows the sand to be the star and that the gift possibilities are endless! The Murrells Inlet beach sand was collected from Huntington Beach by one of their staff members, so they can vouch for its authenticity. The Lazy Gator staff lives in Surfside Beach, Garden City, Myrtle Beach, and Murrells Inlet.  They ALL want something to represent where they live and are making their OWN shopping lists!  They said, “We are super excited to share this jewelry with everyone we know!”

A couple of the local, non-profit organizations that The Lazy Gator is passionate about are Murrells Inlet 2020 and Tara Hall Home for Boys.  Murrells Inlet 2020 is a community revitalization group that has been working since 1997 with goals to improve infrastructure and beautification, provide environmental education and preserve the creek and the traditions surrounding Murrells Inlet.  Tara Hall Home for Boys is a critical operation that offers a home environment, on-site schooling and counseling for troubled or abused boys between the ages of 6 and 13.  They strive to meet the emotional and physical needs of the boys during their time of need.

LG-rockingchairs1Murrells Inlet is tucked away just 10 miles south of the hustle and bustle of Myrtle Beach.  The Lazy Gator does have a Myrtle Beach store but the Murrells Inlet location will transition you into a more southern, lowcountry type ofLG-fudge hospitality.  You can take a step back in time and relax in the rocking chairs on their porch.  After one visit, you are sure to return. “Our customers come back every year and our locals bring their visitors to hang out and shop…and of course, get some fudge!”, they exclaimed.

LGThe Lazy Gator
3986 Highway 17 Bus
Murrells Inlet, SC
(843) 651-4244

Sand Stories: Red Rock Romance, A Grand Canyon Proposal

My 40th birthday was fast approaching in a few months and my boyfriend and I had been talking about going to Las Vegas to celebrate.  We both had been to Sin City a few times before, but never together.  When we thought about it, we realized we had not even taken a vacation alone together since we began dating….almost 7 years ago! Hectic work schedules, family commitments, job changes, and time seemed to have slipped through our hands.  It was time to change that!  I’m usually the coordinator of events or engagements like this, but I told my boyfriend that I was going to leave this Vegas trip planning up to him, to see what he came up with.

During a fantastic Italian dinner, I was presented with a birthday card that had our Las Vegas trip itinerary.  It wasn’t written on the itinerary, but I was told we were going to take a helicopter ride out to the Grand Canyon at dusk and the return flight goes over the world famous Las Vegas strip!  It should be known that I am NOT a fan of flying.  I like to think that I’m 5’2″ tall because God wanted me to stay close to the ground!  I began trying to talk myself out of my own fear of flying by thinking, how could I not go on a once in a lifetime trip in a helicopter out to the Grand Canyon? I RedRock4decided I would put it out of my mind for now and worry about it when it came time to board the chopper.

Fast forward to helicopter adventure time….We were picked up by a limo and brought to the helicopter company where my heart rate rapidly increased as my flying fears were kicking in full force!!  A safety video was playing in the background when we walked through the building doors to check in, we had to get on a scale to be weighed for proper weight distribution, and now I began to worry if I was going to get motion sickness in the helicopter in addition to my flying fears. About 30 minutes after arriving at the business, it was put up or shut up time.  Our pilot called out our flight group number (we were flying RedRock3with two other couples), and I immediately thought that this guy was WAY too young to be our pilot.  I fessed up my fears to him and then onto the tarmac we went for our pre-flight instructions.

Our pilot gave us our seat assignments, ours were right in the front next to him, and then we boarded and began our adventure!  I maintained my death grip on my boyfriend’s leg the entire flight but was blown away by how spectacular the views were as we made our way to the Grand Canyon.  It was a 45 minute flight where we flew into the canyon and then landed in a small clearing where we were to have a little picnic. The enormity of the Grand Canyon was immediately RedRock2apparent as soon as we stepped out of the helicopter and onto the  landing area.  It was gorgeous!!  My boyfriend and I walked over towards the ledge where we could see the river below and we took everything in.  We asked one of the other men on our helicopter if he would take a picture of us together, and then here’s where the story gets good (in my opinion).

After the man took a still shot, my boyfriend then asked me how my iPhone took videos (to say he’s NOT a techie or gadget guy is an understatement, so I began to get suspect when he asked me this question).  Once I told him, he then took the phone from me, handed it to the same man and asked if he would video us for a minute.  At this RedRock1point, I knew what was coming next and turned into a blubbering mess!  My boyfriend dropped to one knee, held out a ring box and simply asked me if I would marry him.  Without hesitation, I said yes!  We spent the remainder of our visit taking in the gorgeous sights and preparing for our flight over the Sunset Strip!  On the return flight, I forgot about my fear of flying and missed some of the outside scenery as I kept looking at my new engagement ring….as for the proposal video?  The man didn’t activate the camera when he was handed my phone and so we didn’t have any footage of that special moment.  Oh well!

~ The soon-to-be Mrs. Daniel Sullivan

This blog post was written by our Dune Jewelry June Blog Contest winner, Lisa Bonney. She won a Dune Jewelry Sandbead which she chose to have filled with Red Rock sand dust from the Grand Canyon. Ready to share YOUR story for a chance to win? ENTER HERE!

Sand Stories: Message in a Bottle

143 MammyThere are many different ways for families to express their love for one another.  When it came to my grandmother, it took a very specific form. In the many letters she wrote to me over the years, and there were a lot, she’d always sign off with “143” which stands for “I love you.”

Mammy, as we called her, was an amazing woman and as strong matriarchs often do, she made her opinions known about everything in all of our lives, whether welcomed or not. She passed away a few years ago, but the story I’m going to tell makes me believe that she still can control things from where she is now.Message 6

I spent a lot of my childhood summers going to Round Pond, ME to visit Mammy. She lived in Scituate, MA during the winters, but spent the warmer months up north in her small fishing village on the Maine sea coast. She loved that little town.  She had been going there all her life and had wonderful memories that she carried on by sharing them with us.

The movie “Message In A Bottle” starring Kevin Costner was filmed not too far from Round Pond. I remember her talking about all the famous people around and how exciting it was that Round Pond was being placed on the map in Hollywood. We watched that movie together and she said afterwards, how fun it would be to send a message in a bottle. My typical answer to her was “Yeah sure, Mam, I’ll get to it”. Years later, when I had children of my own, she still would say, “Do the bottle thing with the kids.” My answer was always the same…brushing it off.Message 1

One November day, Mammy left us for a better place. It was one of the saddest days of my life. I was so heart broken. I so badly wanted my children to get to know her like I had. She was cremated.  We all went to Round Pond to celebrate her life and spread her ashes in the ocean so she would be there forever.  It was actually a beautiful moment watching the sea carry her away.Message 2

Almost a year later, as the anniversary of her death approached, my husband had a great idea.  “Let’s go to Round Pond and throw some flowers where we put her ashes”, he said.  After consuming a bottle of wine, I had a better idea.  I exclaimed, “Let’s send a message in a bottle!” So my children drew pictures for “Big Mammy” as they called her (my mother now having assumed the title “Mammy” as their grandmother), and I wrote the letter.  We sealed it up with hot wax and waited until the next day to drive to Round Pond. I remember thinking that it would never be found, particularly considering the extremely rocky coasts of Maine. I figured it would probably get smashed against the rocks, but the kids were so excited to do it anyway. It was a great moment watching the kids throw the flowers and my husband toss the bottle to sea.Message 3

So, now we have come to my favorite part. Five days later on November 9, the one year anniversary of Mammy’s death, I had a message on my answering machine back in Massachusetts. It was from a man in Scituate.  He was calling to let me know he found my bottle (we had included our phone number in the message). I was shaking listening to him speak. He told me the time, tide, and exact location of where he found it. He left his number for me to call him back.  As I dialed the number I had to stop and listen again.  The number he gave me was just about exactly Mammy’s phone number. The only digit off was in the exchange. This was getting too weird.minot03

When I finally got him on the phone, we spoke for awhile. The bottle was found on the beach at Minot Lighthouse in Scituate. Minot’s light blinks in a 1-4-3 pattern and it is believed it does this to stand for “I love you.” Mammy lived in Scituate, always said 143 and the phone numbers matched. “This is her!” I thought. “She is telling me she is ok!”  The wonderfully nice man said he was going to re-seal it and send it back out. But I knew in my heart I needed to save that bottle forever.

Message 5

I drove to Scituate to retrieve the bottle.  His wife met me outside their home which is between Minot Light and Scituate Light. We couldn’t stop talking about how amazing this story was. As I turned to get in the car, we hugged and she said to me, “My nephew died on November 9th too.”

The next year we got another twist to the story. After almost forty years, a long lost older sister that my mother had put up for adoption finally tracked us down. The day I first met her: November 9th. Mammy, it seemed to me, was still making herself known from that “better place.” It makes sense, she always did like to control everything.

This blog post was written by our Dune Jewelry BONUS June Blog Contest winner, Amber Ryalls. She won a Dune Jewelry Sandbead which she chose to have filled with sand from Minot Beach. Ready to share YOUR story for a chance to win? ENTER HERE!

Sand Stories: 100 Stones

sebago8I loved going “upta” camp at Sebago Lake in Maine with my family as a child. We always went for the weekend of Labor Day to celebrate the Hall Family Reunion. We would get to see all of my father’s family and would play, swim, boat, canoe & fish on Sebago during that time.

Sometimes we’d also go up in mid August to celebrate my father’s, Grandpa’s and Grandma’s birthdays. The evening before the birthday celebration, she would gather up all her present grandchildren and give us each a coffee can, then lead us out around Murch Landing to pick wild Maine blueberries. She would laugh at us, as we all tended to eat more blueberries than we gathered to collect in the coffee cans.sebago4

The next morning, we would wake to the scent of pine wood smoke from Grandma’s wood burning kitchen stove, along with the enticing aroma of her homemade blueberry muffins and a blueberry pie.  The pie would be her birthday dessert contribution for Grandpa because he always liked blueberry pie instead of a birthday cake.

The lake was there for us to swim and enjoy. We would be scolded if we stayed in the water too long, until our feet and hands turned blue and shriveled up, and our teeth chattered.  Grandma would have us come out of the water to warm up in the sun, only allowing us to wade along the stairway and lake’s edge to pitch 100 stones from the lake.  This was always the toll for swimming (or for staying in the water for too long). The larger children of course, managed to get a little deeper and pitch the bigger stones.

sebago-stonesMy parents, Aunts and Uncles have  continued this tradition of pitching 100 stones after my Grandparents passed away. My cousins, siblings and myself still continue the tradition too.  As a result, we have a nice sandy stretch of beach from which to enjoy Sebago.

This blog post was written by our Dune Jewelry May Blog Contest winner, Carol Hall. She won a Dune Jewelry Sandbead which she chose to have filled with sand from Sebago Lake. Ready to share YOUR story for a chance to win? ENTER HERE!

Featured Beach: Leo Carillo State Park ~ Malibu, CA

LeoCarilloPkThe movie and television scenes that are set on the shores of California are captivating.  There are SO many different types of landscapes from the wide sloping beaches to the cliffs and everything in between.  There is no doubt about it…the California coast is special.  One of the favorite spots of locals and tourists is Leo Carillo State Park.  Located off the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) in Malibu, this beach boasts some of the prettiest rock formations and sea life found in this area.waves

Many great California landmarks have a Hollywood connection.  Leo Carillo State Park has been a popular filming location for photographers, television and movies.  The 90’s tv show Baywatch has several scenes on Leo Carillo beach along with movies like GidgetGrease, The Karate KidThe CraftPoint BreakThe Usual Suspects and Inception.  The park was also named after an LeoCarrilloactor!  Leo Carillo was best known for his role as Pancho, the side-kick to Duncan Renaldo’s Cisco Kid, a popular 1950’s television show.  His contribution to the motion picture industry earned him a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  Leo was not only an actor but a preservationist and conservationist as well, serving on the California State Parks Commission cavesfor 18 years.  He was part of a well-respected California family which included some of the original San Diego settlers and a long line of politicians.

At Leo Carillo State Park, you will pay $12 for parking  but the memories and photographs you take with you will be priceless.  There is so much to do here!  The ocean and shoreline at Leo Carillo allow for starfishplenty surfing, snorkeling, swimming and surf fishing. If you head further back into the park, and into the shade of the mighty sycamore trees, you can find some great spots for both camping and hiking.  Also, don’t forget to bring the dog!  This beach is pet friendly for your favorite furry friends (on leashes).

The beachcombing at Leo Carillo is not your traditional stroll for shells.  At low tide, you can observe some of the most amazing sea life exposed on the rocks and in the lingering tidepools.  You can also explore the coastal caves which make for great pictures.  The cliffs along the beach contain a series of lifeguard towers and man-made walkways down to the shore. pacificcold When I visit a new beach, the first thing I do is make my way to edge of the water and put my feet in.  I went in a little too quickly here…the Pacific Ocean is quite refreshing (a.k.a. freezing)!

All of this activity is sure to work up an appetite!  On the way back from Leo Carillo State Park, be sure to stop into Duke’s along the PCH in Malibu.  They offer delicious food with a hulapie“surfer” atmosphere and amazing view.  This restaurant is part of a chain that started in Hawaii and is named after Duke Paoa Kahanamoku, a world-renowned surf legend.  The exceptional service compliments a most memorable dining experience and you will want to return each time you visit.  Be sure to save room for dessert though!  No seriously, their Hula Pie is legendary…just like Duke.LeoCarillo2

The magic of Malibu can be felt the moment you step into the salty air and observe the composition of this area.  The gorgeous homes that dot the shoreline and the hills are very impressive.  The winding PCH that divides the base of the hills from the beach allows you to get lost in a daydream of the possibilities that lie both ahead and behind you.  Leo Carillo State Park is the definition of natural beauty, giving you a moment to pause and reflect on how much you can enjoy life if you stop to explore.

MoiraThis blog comes from Dune Jewelry’s Florida Wholesale Rep, Moira Yon.  Contact Moira to learn more about Dune Jewelry at moira@dunejewelry.com!

Featured Retailer: The Tulip Tree ~ Ocean Isle Beach, NC

TT-store2Robin Putnam is the owner of The Tulip Tree located in Ocean Isle Beach, NC.  Ocean Isle Beach is located in Brunswick County, NC.  The weather is mild during the winter and the summers attract many families who vacation there year after year.  Robin said, “Our beach is so pretty and at low tide, it is still quite wide.  You will see amazing sunrises on the east end of the island and you just can’t beat the colors of the west end at sunset.”  She went on to say, “The people are very friendly and welcoming.  As a full time resident, I am learning just how tight-knit the community really is!”OIB

Robin was a stay-at-home mom for over twenty years.  A former flight attendant for Piedmont Airlines and US Airways, she met her husband, Mike, when he was hired as a pilot for Piedmont back in 1984. They were married in 1987 and have two daughters, Tori and Kendyl.  Once the girls were both off to Wofford College, Robin started writing a continuing article called “Robin’s (Great Big Empty) Nest” for the online publication, Damsels and Divas.  It was a tongue-in-cheek look at her life since she and her husband had become empty-nesters.  She also volunteered a lot and dabbled in several at-home type jobs like Mary Kay and Southern Living at Home.  Robin even worked for a while as an interior decorator and conceptualized a new jewelry business, uncovering her entrepreneurial spirit.  TT-store1

As time went on, Robin started thinking about one day opening some kind of shop.  She knew she wanted to be in Ocean Isle Beach and that in order to be successful, she would have to come up with something that would be a good fit for the community.  Robin said, “It surprised no one more than myself when I decided to open a clothing store, but there was a definite need for this kind of boutique here.  There are only a handful of boutiques in our immediate area, and they are wonderful shops, but The Tulip Tree Boutique is different by design.”  TTstore-2

The Tulip Tree carries clothing and accessories for women and children of all ages.  Some of their more recognized labels are Vineyard Vines, Fresh Produce, Splendid, Level 99 Jeans for women, Le-Top, Rabbitmoon and Zutano but they also have lines that are not as well-known.   The store prides itself on representing lines that are mostly made in the USA and scouting out the best boutique labels that cannot be found in department stores.  Robin stated, “I am very selective. To my knowledge, you won’t find our labels in any other area shops.”TT-storeDune

When Robin was presented with the opportunity to carry Dune Jewelry, she knew it would compliment her other lines.  She exclaimed, “Dune Jewelry is an absolute perfect fit for my boutique in particular!  Our customers are at the age they really take their beach time seriously, and they will love being able to wear not only a reminder, but an actual piece of the beach year round.”  Robin continued, “The quality of the pieces is undeniable, and the craftsmanship is spectacular!  I couldn’t place my first order fast enough, and anticipate many more to come!”

The Tulip Tree Boutique hosts a Girls’ Night Out on the third Thursday of each month from 5-8pm year round, and most of the events revolve around a local charity.  A few of those:  Relay For Life, Pretty In Pink, Wings Backpacks Full of Blessings.  There have been, and always will be others.  Robin said, “It is very important to me to give back, and my customers feel exactly the same way, so we get a lot of support in doing so.”  Robin is also very passionate about Paws-Ability because she has a really soft spot for animals, and said they do such a wonderful job in her area finding foster and permanent homes for animals in need.

Robin has many favorite local businesses.  For waterfront dining, she suggests Sharky’s and Pogies.  Some other popular eating spots are Pelican’s Perch, Backstreet Cafe and Fibber McGees.  She thinks Surf and Java has THE best coffees and teas but they are also a surf shop….how cool is that?  For sweet treats, Robin said to stop into the Seaside Bakery which also specializes in wedding cakes.  Her favorite shop for home gifts and plants is Shady Oak.  And if you are looking to pamper yourself, she recommends the Coral Tree Spa, Sunset Massage Therapy and  Hair Du.  She added, “Just let me say that when you are in the area…ask a local…we will steer you in the right direction!”  Robin also talked about NC Coastal Concierge and said it does a fantastic job of taking care of things for homeowners who don’t live in the area as well as VIP guests who visit.  TT-sign

The Tulip Tree Boutique is a great compliment to the other boutiques on Ocean Isle Beach.  Robin could not be happier with her decision to open the store and settle there.  Kendyl has two years of college left, but is the buyer for the children’s section and is working in the boutique this summer.   Her daughter Tori is now graduated and moving on to a career as a magazine editor but is staying in the area.  Robin exclaimed, “Life here just keeps getting better and better!”

The Tulip Tree Boutique
6778 Beach Drive SW
Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina 28469
(910) 579-9070


Sand Stories: Big Lake, ME

lake-boatThroughout my entire life, I have been spending summer vacations at our family camp on Big Lake in Princeton, ME.  Not familiar with Princeton?  Not many people are.  It is a tiny town located 1.5 hours north of Bangor, near the eastern Canadian border.  We are lucky to have this little slice of heaven in an area that is still untouched by the “modern” world.  The only places to eat out in town are lunch counters at the two gas stations.  And no, we do not need to eat out when there is a perfectly good fire pit for cooking on the beach.  However, I do hear rumors of an actual RESTAURANT opening in Princeton in June 2013…how exciting!  princeton-map

We get our daily supplies at the combination supermarket and variety store in town.  Now when they say variety, they mean it…groceries, pharmacy, bait, tackle, appliances, clothing, hardware, gardening supplies, housewares…you name it!  We also get our fishing licenses there, but we used to get them from an old woman down the road who would type them on a typewriter in her kitchen.  Speaking of kitchen, the best “bakery” in town is run out of a local woman’s kitchen.  She bakes many different items, puts them on a sign out in front of her house and welcomes you in to make your selection.  How’s that for small town?!

The dirt road to our camp never had a name up until a few years ago.  They took a vote from the people on our road and “Sand Cove Road” won.  After all, we are all located in Sand Cove on Big Lake so it was the sensible option.  Why make things more complicated?  I think you may be getting the picture of Princeton life.Tackle

My great-grandfather helped build our camp which has seen many renovations over the years, one of which was indoor plumbing (thank goodness!).  Even with Fisherwomanthe renovations, we kept things simple.  You kinda have to feel a little like you are “roughing” it if you are really committed to the experience.  There is no television.  We have a radio to listen to the news in the morning and the Red Sox games in the evening.  Our daily routine pretty much goes like this:
– Morning = Get up early.  Drink coffee.  Survey the lake.
– Good weather = Get ready to fish.  Load the boat and go!
– Mid-day = Get food for lunch/dinner in town.  Make lunches.
– Afternoon = Eat lunch on the lake.  Fish until just before sunset.
– Evening = Start the fire.  Grab a beer.  Watch the sunset.


In the event of a day of bad weather, we will travel to another town.  The big “city” of Calais has larger, chain stores.  A bit further out is Eastport which is more quaint and offers fresh from the boat lobster from Quoddy Bay Lobster, delicious homemade whoopie pies and many small shops.  And if we have our passports, we can head over the border to St Andrews in Canada.  Of course, family games or reading a book are also approved activities at any time.  No one has to do anything on a schedule. Just whatever they feel at that moment.  Four days is a usual trip for me, but it can feel like two weeks if I allow myself to TRULY relax and unplug.

BigLake-SandoraThere are so many memories for me attached to this lake, so it was only fitting that I include it in my Dune Jewelry collection.  I wear my Big Lake Dune Drops and Sandbead Bracelet every day.  I want to feel connected to that area, since part of me will always be there.  I visit each year so I can find myself again and make new memories to take with me forever.

MoiraThis blog comes from Dune Jewelry’s Florida Wholesale Rep, Moira Yon.  Contact Moira to learn more about Dune Jewelry at moira@dunejewelry.com!

New Retailer: Island Outfitters ~ St. George Island, FL

431448_384221154923339_1021202474_nGet ready for adventure!  Our most recent addition to our retailers is Island Outfitters on St George Island in Florida.  This long narrow island is located just south of Apalachicola along the Florida panhandle.  The beaches are sugary white and there is plenty of coastline for fishing, paddle boarding, kayaking, beach combing or just plain relaxing.

Island Outfitters is CAPTAIN owned and operated.  The store has been going strong since 2003 and offers a wide variety of clothing, sporting equipment and accessories. Capt Larry Troy has fished these waters offshore and inshore since the 1970s. He has since retired from charter fishing and now runs the shop with his wife Angela. If you are new to fishing, they welcome you to stop by for free fishing advice any time.  They will also be glad to hook you up with gear and even teach you how to cast!  41580-2535432586_893884b640

With only 750 year-round residents, St George Island is known for being tranquil and full of natural beauty.  Tourists will flood this island this warmer months to experience the little slice of paradise that Angela and Larry settled into years ago.  In fact, it was JUST announced that Dr. Beach ranked St George Island State Park as the #3 BEACH on his list of Top 10 Beaches for 2013!  383490_405185912845068_1276495371_n

The island’s beaches are not only recognized for their beauty and abundance of recreational activities, but also for the sea turtles that return to nest from May through October.  Visit the St George Island Volunteer Turtlers Facebook page to read about ways you can help the turtles like turning OFF the lights in your home that face the beach, taking in your beach chairs at night and filling in your fishing rod holes before you leave for the day.59661_165180210160769_5422892_n

Ready to dive in?  Plan your vacation now!  The peak season for St George Island is just starting.  Many locals will rent their homes during the spring and summer months to take advantage of the large number of people that settle into the island for extended vacations, but rentals can go fast!  Oh, and don’t forget to bring your best furry friend too…the island is extremely pet friendly.

Stop into Island Outfitters to outfit the entire family for your next vacation on St George Island.  While you are there, select a piece of Dune Jewelry as a souvenir.  You are sure to make many memories in this magical place that you will want to cherish for a lifetime.

Island Outfitters
235 E. Gulf Beach Drive
St George Island, FL 32328
(850) 927-2604

New Retailer: Marion’s Gifts & Clothing ~ St Petersburg, FL

Marions1We are loving this new store that has become the most recent addition to our Dune Jewelry Retailers!  Marion’s Gifts & Clothing in St Petersburg, FL has been family owned and operated since 1987.  The owner, Marion Mitchell, has a wonderful sense of style and has hand-Marions2picked a wide array of gifts for you and your favorite people!  All of her lines are beautifully displayed and compliment each other nicely.  Stop by for your favorite Dune Jewelry designs showcasing sand from St Pete Beach!  We know you will find MANY other things while you are there.  You can also follow Marion’s on Facebook to stay up-to-date on their latest arrivals, promotions and events!

Marion’s Gifts & Clothing
1301 4th Street North
St Petersburg, FL 33701


Sand Stories: Making Memories at Crane Beach ~ Ipswich, MA

southerntipMy parents were both city kids from Brooklyn, NY.  In 1968, when I was 2 years old, they moved us up to Boxford, MA which 15 miles away from Crane Beach on the Crane Estate in Ipswich. This was back in the days when beach chairs were made of bulky aluminum and uncomfortable, scratchy webbing. I vividly remember my Mom not going in the water past her ankles and being perpetually nervous for me as I turned into an avid swimmer. I spent many summers in and out of the icy ocean water, getting tumbled by the waves, nursing sunburns and killing greenhead flies on Crane Beach.  I also nurtured my growing love for photography and made many memories with family and friends there.clams
For those of you unfamiliar with the geography of this particular location, Crane Beach sits directly across from the very southern tip of Plum Island. It’s only a few miles north of here that the residents of Plum Island lost their homes to the raging waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Between the southern tip of Plum Island and Crane Beach, is the mouth of the Ipswich River.  Some of the best clams can found in Ipswich, with restaurants flying them in from all over the country.  However, if you are in Ipswich, there is no better place to sample these little beauties than at The Clam Box.sunset2

I moved away from Massachusetts in 1986, traveling all over the country to many coastal communities but always longing for my New England roots and “my” beach. When I returned in 1995, Crane Beach was one of the first places I happily brought (dragged) my 4 young children.  Although I was astounded and saddened  at the amount of erosion that had happened in the years I’d been gone, I started a new tradition for my own kids in this special place.  We made it a regular habit of loading up the red minivan with the beach bear-dogtoys and the ice chest for late afternoons at Crane Beach. During one of our Fall nature walks, we found a small shark skeleton embedded the sand and it became the coolest show-and-tell object for all 4 kids’ school classes.  All of my children feel their own special tug to the ocean wherever their life has taken them because of the times spent here and at other beaches on the “North Shore” of Massachusetts. Our dog, Bear also has a great fondness for sandy paws and salty air and has happily joined us on our Crane Beach adventures.  I am thrilled now  that my 2 grandchildren have been able to be part of this tradition with us as well.

photo (6)

Cary Christiansen, Gary Gibson & grandchildren

Fast forward to 2005 when I found myself at 39 all grown up and starting my life “over” again, going on a date with the now Love of my Life. Sitting on that beach at sunset, I felt the giddiness of being a teenage girl again. We currently live out on Great Neck in Ipswich overlooking this mighty Sound, Crane Beach and the ocean. I am amazed by the beauty that surrounds us every day.  We are truly blessed to have found each other and share the sunrise together every single morning.

This blog was written by our April Dune Jewelry Blog Contest winner, Cary Christiansen.  Congratulations again, Cary!  Thank you for your beautiful memoir and photos of Crane Beach.  We hope you enjoy your free Sandbead!

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New Retailer: Lantana’s Gallery & Fine Gifts ~ Southport, NC

We are pleased to welcome Lantana’s Gallery & Fine Gifts to our Dune Family of Retailers!  They are located in the historic and beautiful Southport, NC where the Cape Fear River meets the Atlantic Ocean.  Lantana’s is a family-run gallery and gift shop featuring handmade items from near and far.

135359_121774507890846_2209120_oThe store owner Jim Meehan was recently quoted in Coastal Living regarding his move to Southport and the celebrity buzz in the area.  He has seen Hilary Swank, Fergie and Josh Duhamel frequenting Southport during their downtime while they are filming  movies in the area.  Although these famous faces have come and gone in town, there are many people that have felt a connection and have been compelled to stay.  Meehan said, “I went from selling steel to sterling silver.”  He ran a steel-fabrication business in Ironton, Ohio before moving to Southport with his family 5 years ago.  “We were ready to try something new and exciting,” he said.  Meehan had considered opening a gallery for years.  After exploring Southport while visiting his daughter at a college nearby, he decided it was a wonderful fit.  He said, “We were drawn to the sense of community here.”

Follow Lantana’s on Facebook to stay up-to-date on the latest items in their store.  You can also stop by for some southern hospitality and a unique shopping experience the next time you are in the area.  The First Friday Gallery Walk from 5-7pm has new artists, refreshments, and entertainment.  Southport is truly charming and makes a wonderful day trip.  Consider making your trip an adventure by taking your car on the ferry from Fort Fisher to Southport for only $5!  It’s a fun and scenic ride.

Lantana’s Gallery & Fine Gifts
113 South Howe Street
Southport, North Carolina 28461


Featured Retailer: The Sterling House ~ Wilmington, NC

341358_186531704767059_1449590880_oFor nearly 60 years, The Sterling House has been serving Wilmington and beyond with an unparalleled shopping experience.  Leigh and her family are local “Wilmingtonians” and shopped in The Sterling House as children. The store has been in the same location since 1956 and is one of the only original stores to the Hanover Center. It has been owned by 5 families which are all local.

Leigh believes that Wilmington has a lot to offer and has drawn newcomers from all over the world.  From the ocean to the river, historic district to the University of NC and the thriving film industry, there are so many options for things to do.  Because of the climate, outdoor activities are very popular.  The arts community has grown and offers many events at various venues around town. She said, “You will never run out of good places to eat and sample various types of cuisine.”IMG_20130429_103749

Leigh fell in love with Dune Jewelry because of the uniqueness of the concept and the beautiful designs as well as the fact that it is a souvenir that will last forever.  It has been very well received by their customers and they enjoy sharing it with them.

The Sterling House has many gift selections for holiday, birthday, anniversary, wedding, baby and other special occasions.  Leigh said, “We like to carry gifts that are a little different or unique…and always just right.”  There also carry an extensive selection of customized items including jewelry, invitations and stationary, apparel, handbags, travel items and much more in our store. The Sterling House is proud to include many items from local manufacturers, artists and authors.SterlingHouse-logo

Stop by and chat with Leigh their friendly staff.  They pride themselves on being knowledgeable in the newest products and gift giving trends. The Sterling House also provides legendary complimentary gift wrapping to help make every occasion a more special occasion.

The Sterling House
Hanover Center
3501 Oleander Dr.
Wilmington, NC 28403


Sand Stories: The 2013 Arnold Palmer Invitational (and My Golf History)

Golf has always been part of my family.  My grandparents were avid golfers, so much that they built a driving range right in their backyard when they lived up north.  They were both in several competitions and won a many awards.  After moving to Florida, my grandfather was the president of his country club and even held the course record for a few years.  IMG_20130327_072406

Growing up, my sister and I were taught how to putt and eventually use an iron to get the ball up in the air.  With so many great golfers in my family, I was never lacking for advice on how to improve my swing.  When I got older, and was finally using a driver, I played golf with my family in Florida once a year.  To me, that was just like playing any other family game.  I did not take their feedback as seriously as I could have.  I got lucky with some shots which were awarded by a “good job, Mo” from one or two family members.  I realized how much those comments meant to my self esteem with this game, but they were hard to get.  I really wanted to take golf seriously but it was just so frustrating for me.  Later in life, I realized that it is frustrating for everyone!yongolf

Fast forward to a trip down to Florida in 2010.  I had been dating my now husband for a few months and wanted to introduce him to my grandparents.  Chris had a similar view of golf as I did.  His father had always played and was very good.  He constantly encouraged Chris to pick up the sport but Chris always pushed back.  However, during our trip to Florida Chris agreed to a round of golf with my family.  After a few long drives, my grandfather exclaimed “Wow, fella…you could have one heck of a golf game if you worked at it!”  Chris then realized he may actually have something.  After that trip, he and I both started to golf more often.  It was something we could do together and we encouraged each other to keep moving forward.536402_10200115018332813_625508193_n

So here we are…living in Florida, surrounded by golf.  We moved here after Chris received a job offer from the Golf Channel.  We have been working on our game and have fine-tuned our golf equipment (boy, was that a process).   Although I do not play as much as Chris, we both have a passion for the game and the drive to improve our skills.  We love watching all the golf “greats” for inspiration.  We have even followed along with some instructional videos to help keep some words of wisdom in our minds while we are out on the course.  Phil Mickelson has some of my favorite “short game” mantras.  We know how difficult the game can be and appreciate the time and energy that the pros have put into the sport.  It really is a lifelong game that will constantly challenge (and frustrate) its players.

Photo Courtesy: API

Photo Courtesy: API

This year, my husband was presented with two tickets to the Arnold Palmer Invitational at the Bay Hill Club & Lodge in Orlando, FL.  We were thrilled to find out that WE were going to be joining the masses to watch our favorite golfers in person.  This tournament is on its 34th year and requires golfers to receive a personal invitation from Arnold in order to compete.  Based on the pairings, we planned out our strategy for the day and got to the course at 7:00am.  Our first order of business was to watch Phil tee off.  We could not believe how few

Photo Courtesy: Zimbio

Photo Courtesy: Zimbio

people were there in the morning but it was GREAT for us!  As we stood and waited patiently.  We heard the commotion and then…there he was, larger than life!  No really, Phil is MUCH taller than I expected.  He was dressed in all black with his alligator belt and shoes.  He walked by like he was on a tv commercial.  Phil smiled and nodded politely at the crowd, acknowledging our excitement.  What a guy!

Phil signing autographs

Phil signing autographs

We followed Phil for a while.  After that, we pretty much spent the morning walking to a tee box, watching one of our favorites hit and then moving two holes down to watch them tee off again or waiting for them at the green.  We got to see Tiger and others at the range midday.  We then stood with a clump of fans trying to get an autograph from Phil after he finished.  He stood and signed for a good 30 minutes, but he never made it to us.  We were disappointed but still hold him in high regard for even stopping…almost every other golfer just blew by the crowd.

Left to Right: Me, Chris and Tiger

Left to Right: Me, Chris and Tiger

Later in the day, more fans arrived and seeing anyone up close became a “hurry and wait” situation.  Following Tiger definitely took some skills!  It was fine though…we could not have had a more beautiful day for golf.  We finally left around 5:00pm with sore feet but still feeling energized about this amazing opportunity.  Tiger won the 2013 Arnold Palmer Invitational which is his 8th victory for this tournament.

Photo Courtesy of API

Photo Courtesy: API

Luckily, on our way out, I was able to retrieve a small amount of Bay Hill bunker sand so I could have a piece of Dune Jewelry made to commemorate this special day.  I know we will have other opportunities to see our favorite golfers in the future.  However, this was my first tournament and will always hold a special place in my heart.  I am sure others feel the same way about this event or Bay Hill and would be proud to wear a piece of golf history.  There will be enough sand to go around!

MoiraThis blog comes from Dune Jewelry’s Florida Wholesale Rep, Moira Yon.  Contact Moira to learn more about Dune Jewelry at moira@dunejewelry.com!

New Retailer: The Pewter Shop ~ Rockport, MA

pewtershopThe Pewter Shop was established in 1935 by Lewis Whitney and his wife Blanche in Rockport, MA. Their plan was to produce fine hand crafted products in pewter and other metals to be offered in their shop in the growing arts community on Bearskin Neck. Surrounded by the vibrant scene populated by fishermen, boat builders, artists, and other artisans, the Whitneys found inspiration to pursue their craft. It wasn’t long before there were upwards of seven craftsmen at work hand- hammering plates, bowls, and other items in the workshop. This history of making pewter on the premises has continued without interruption for the past seventy years. The current owners, the Murch family, were first involved in 1938 when Lawson, at the age of twelve, went to work for the Whitneys. In 1960, ownership passed from the Whitneys to Lawson and Herdis Murch. The tradition continues with son Chris, who has been active in the business since 1970, assuming ownership in 2005.

Be sure to stop by next time you are in Rockport!  There will be a great selection of Dune Jewelry along with many other gifts and home accents to choose from.  You are sure to find something for everyone!

The Pewter Shop
16 Bearskin Neck
Rockport, MA 01966

Featured Beach: Sandy Neck, Cape Cod ~ Sandwich, MA

Photo Courtesy of Panoramio

Photo Courtesy: Panoramio

Growing up on Cape Cod, we had our choice of over 115 beaches all along  the Cape Cod “arm”.  Sandy Neck could be considered one of the most popular on the “bicep” of the Cape, located off historic Route 6A in Sandwich. It is a barrier beach which was formed from a continental glacier drift in the Pleistocene ice age.  Over time, the rhythm of wind and waves has deposited sand to create picturesque sand dunes and a beautiful, wide sloping stretch of beach. Sandy Neck currently has over 4,700 acres of dunes, maritime forests, trails and marshes.

Photo Courtesy of Panoramio

Photo Courtesy: Panoramio

Sandy Neck provides places for the usual beach activities of swimming, beach-combing and soaking up the sun but there is SO much more to do there!  It is one of the beaches which allows ORV Permits (Off Road Vehicle) and designates a corridor of beach to be specifically used for that purpose.  This provides beach-goers with the option of finding a MORE perfect spot on the beach while eliminating the need to carry tons of gear on a lumbering hike through the sand.  Self-contained camping vehicles can stay overnight and regular tent camping is offered in a designated area, both for a small fee. Horseback riding is also allowed with a $30 permit and there is plenty of hiking and nature walks galore, so bring an adventurous spirit!  (View Sandy Neck Beach Map)

Photo Courtesy of Panoramio

Photo Courtesy: Panoramio

A couple other things make Sandy Neck a special area. Because of its significant natural resources, including multiple endangered species, it is recognized by the state of Massachusetts as an Area of Critical Environmental Concern.  In addition, Sandy Neck is designated as a Cultural Historical District because of the many antique dune shacks and cottages that dot the shoreline of the beach and the Sandy Neck Lighthouse.  The entire area makes for great picture-taking but these structures really add to the charm and are very interesting subjects.

The Route 6A stretch of Sandwich exudes the classic Cape Cod styles of homes, businesses and winding roads.  There are several shops, attractions and restaurants to visit in this area.  A local favorite DSC_0567restaurant is The Bee-Hive Tavern, located just a short distance from Sandy Neck.  It has a cozy atmosphere and casual (but flavorful) dishes.  Try the stuffed quahogs and their signature bee sting ice cream.  If you would like to browse a truly local bookstore either before or after you eat, stop into Titcomb’s Bookshop just down the road.  Also nearby is  Heritage Plantation where you will find gorgeous flowers, beautifully landscaped areas, an old-style carousel, outdoor concerts and several youth and adult programs.   Bring the entire family, pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the lush gardens on a warm spring or summer day!

Photo Courtesy: My Fishing Cape Cod

Photo Courtesy: My Fishing Cape Cod

So, the next time you are on The Cape in the summer, venture away from your normal area for a day to explore Sandy Neck.  Keep your eyes and ears open for the abundant wildlife and PLEASE bring a camera.  You will find many beautiful opportunities to capture the scenic and historic nature of this beach.

MoiraThis blog comes from Dune Jewelry’s Florida Wholesale Rep, Moira Yon.  Contact Moira to learn more about Dune Jewelry at moira@dunejewelry.com!

Dune News: Blog Contest!

BlogContestPinCalling all creative minds!  We are looking for submissions for our blog.  You can submit a favorite memory, personal story or a write-up about one of your favorite people or places.  We are only looking for a “taste” of your story to get started.  From there, we will choose one lucky person to expand their story and have it featured on our blog!  If your story is chosen, you will receive one custom Sandbead™ made with the beach sand of your choice for FREE.

You have 2 ways to ENTER:

wordpress_logo1. BLOG IT: Click “Submit Your Stories” on the Dune Jewelry Blog to enter your information and a written summary (1-2 short paragraphs) of your blog piece.

pinterest-logo2. PIN IT: Create a storyboard to tell your story by uploading your personal photos to a Pinterest board entitled  “Dune Jewelry Sand Stories”.  Be sure to also “Follow” Dune Jewelry on Pinterest!

You can enter anytime…all entries will carry over into the contests for future months. If you have any questions, contact Moira Yon at moira@dunejewelry.com!

Beach Weddings: Lindsey & Matt ~ St. John, USVI

Photo Courtesy of Li Ward

Photo Courtesy of Li Ward

THE PROPOSAL: My husband and I first met about 6 years ago on a group ski trip at Sunday River. After one chair lift ride together we instantly clicked and from that point on we were inseparable! In October of 2011 we decided to take a long weekend trip up to Bar Harbor, Maine. It was a beautiful fall weekend and we were lucky enough to bring our two lab mixes along for a weekend full of hiking and exploring the beautiful Maine coast. The first morning we were there we took a short hike to a beautiful secluded beach (which reminds me – I’m totally grabbing sand from that spot next time I’m up there so I can get a necklace!) in Acadia National Park. The dogs were swimming in the ocean and we were taking in the beauty of the surroundings! I went up to the woods to grab a stick for the dogs to fetch in the water and after throwing it in he came up behind me and put his arms around me and that’s when he pulled out the ring box! I couldn’t have thought of a better place – and I love how I had my dogs there for the special moment!lwsm_trunk-bay-beach-st_3881.-john_3881

THE DESTINATION: We chose a destination wedding because we thought it would make for a smaller and more laid back wedding experience! We also liked the idea of having a wedding “week” with all of our friends and family, as opposed to just one day! We chose St. John because it is our favorite place on earth and we try to travel there every year. It also has some of the most beautiful beaches and it is such a friendly island – so it was definitely an easy decision!

Photo Courtesy of Li Wardwww.fatorangecatstudio.com

Photo Courtesy of Li Ward

THE WEDDING: Well, we did not get the small wedding had anticipated!  We invited 130 people to our destination wedding and we had 105 confirmed guests that traveled all the way to St John to be there for our wedding. We didn’t expect nearly that many people so in turn that made the long distance planning a bit stressful. After getting the help from a wedding planner (Island Bliss Weddings) my stress went away and everything came together. Most of our guests were down there for a week and it was non-stop fun! We had a welcome party at a beach restaurant the night before the wedding, and the morning after the wedding we chartered two catamaran boats and went island hopping through the British Virgin Islands. The day of the wedding was absolutely perfect. We had a sunset wedding on Trunk Bay – which was voted one of the top 10 beaches in the world – and we were lucky enough to show up and the whole beach was empty. After the reception we all headed back to town and ate delicious island inspired cuisine and danced the night away at Ocean Grill. Everything was more than I could ever hope for and we are so lucky that so many of our loved ones were there to celebrate with us. It was truly the trip of a lifetime!

Photo Courtesy of Li Ward

Photo Courtesy of Li Ward

Photo Courtesy of Li Ward

THE GIFTS: I was really stuck on what to get my bridesmaids as gifts. I knew I wanted jewelry but I wanted to make it something special and memorable. My mother had met Holly Christensen at a fair in York, Maine and she was showcasing Dune Jewelry. As soon as she left she called me and said I have the perfect gift! I went on to the website and saw all the beautiful jewelry and my decision was made – the only trouble I had was picking a necklace. I decided to go with 8 Sandrop Necklaces filled with Trunk Bay sand (I lucked out and it was already a beach in the sand bank!). I also ordered the Sand Bead Necklace for myself! The white sand in the necklaces looked so beautiful with the girls’ pale aqua dresses. They still wear them all the time and it’s the perfect reminder of such an amazing day in a breathtaking location.

Photo Courtesy of Li Ward, Fat Orange Cat Studio

This blog comes from
Dune Jewelry customer,
Lindsey Couture.
Photo Courtesy of Li Ward


Sand Stories: Play Ball!

Baseball season is upon us.  As a faithful Red Sox fan (we won’t talk about last year), I am always ready to cheer on my team, especially on their home turf at Fenway Park. The whole vibe at Fenway is a true testament to how people should feel when they go to game.  Squished into uncomfortable seats, maybe, but that doesn’t matter.  There is a magic that happens at Fenway which is hard to describe, but it definitely stays with you.  It’s a combination of the sights, sounds and smells.  Cliche, but true.  You just can’t find it anywhere else…Fenway Park is special.  In fact, my husband and I felt so connected to Fenway that we had our engagement photos taken in the empty ballpark.  It’s a fantastic setting, with so many playful backdrops and vibrant colors.

Photo Credit: Amber Shomo, ForeverCandid Photography

Photo Credit: Amber Shomo,
ForeverCandid Photography

After moving to Florida a year and a half ago, I have watched my team play The Rays at Tropicana Field.  It was a new experience for me, taking in a ballgame indoors.  I can see the advantages of a climate-controlled park, especially when that climate tends to be a bit warm in the summer.  After taking my seat on the upper level and looking around the stadium, I found my fellow Red Sox fans.  It wasn’t hard…they tend to be the loudest in comparison.  Hearing some of their Boston accents and watching their passion, I immediately got home sick.

Jet Blue Park at Fenway South – Fort Meyers, FL

I have not been back to visit Fenway but plan to return this summer.  Here in Florida, we have a clever stand-in…JetBlue Park at Fenway South.  It is the Spring Training location for the Red Sox in Fort Meyers.  The venue was completely redone to look like our beloved Boston ballpark, complete with the original scoreboard from Fenway.  After watching some Spring Training games at Fenway South, I am feeling reconnected to my team.  I hope with the new change of management this year, they can begin to feel connected too (fingers crossed).Fenway-sandcollecting

As luck would have it, I was able to collect a small amount of the infield “sand” from Fenway Park for Dune Jewelry.  The reddish hue is stunning against the sterling silver!  If you are interested in that special gift for your favorite Red Sox fan, please contact us.

Left to Right: Square Cufflinks, Sandbar Necklace, Round Cufflinks, Keychain

Left to Right: Square Cufflinks, Sandbar Necklace, Round Cufflinks, Keychain

From someone who misses it dearly, I know that any Sox fan would appreciate a piece of Fenway that they can cherish for a lifetime and pass down for generations.  GO SOX!


This blog comes from Dune Jewelry’s Florida Wholesale Rep, Moira Yon.  Contact Moira to learn more about Dune Jewelry at moira@dunejewelry.com!

Sand Stories: Fort Fisher Beach ~ Wilmington, NC

Growing up on Cape Cod means you are never far from a beach.  When beautiful beaches are part of your world, it’s easy to take them for granted!   During my childhood and teenage years, the beach was a place to go year-round.  The summer brought friends and fun in the sun.  During other seasons, with the new found freedom of a car, the beach was a place for peace and quiet.


My husband and I left New England in 2006 for a new adventure in Wilmington, NC.  I’m a bit farther from the Cape these days, but I’m never far from the beach.  With a growing family of my own, the beach is still sacred but in a very different way.  It is the one place in today’s busy world where cell phones are silenced, there’s no WiFi and true quality time with each other and with our children takes center stage.  Having three small kids, there is never a shortage of things to get done; however, when we hit the beach we are taking the time to actually enjoy our family.

Wrightsville Beach

Wrightsville Beach

Wrightsville Beach is the closest to our home, at only 8 miles away.  We regularly share the beach with many people but it still allows us to get our quick “fix” of the salty air, sand and sea.  There are also several great places to eat and shop nearby.  One of our favorite “grown up” restaurants is The Bridge Tender, located in the marina just over the bridge from the beach.  If there is ever a wait for a table, it’s usually not too long.  My husband and I will just grab a drink on the deck and watch the boats go by.

Fort Fisher Beach

Fort Fisher Beach

Although Wrightsville Beach is close by, “our beach” is located about 26 miles from our home near Fort Fisher.  The area is rich with history.  North Carolina Historic Sites writes this about Fort Fisher: “At the dawn of the American Civil War, the Confederacy took control of this neck of land near the mouth of the Cape Fear River and constructed what was to become the largest and most important earthwork fort in the South. Two major battles were fought there, and many Union soldiers received the Congressional Medal of Honor for their gallant participation.  Today, much of the fort has been eroded by the ocean.”

If you continue past the fort you will reach “our beach”, Fort Fisher FotFisher-boysBeach.  It’s a place where you can actually drive down the beach to find your perfect spot for a day of solitude.  The kids absolutely love that they can really explore without a lot of other people around.  My husband and I like that it feels as if we are miles away from everyone.  Due to the effort it takes to get out there, it’s usually a full-day affair…but that is just the way we like it!

The North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher is also located in this area.  It is reasonably priced at $6-8 per person and can be toured in about 2 hours.  Its proximity to the beach is perfect if you are in need of a second activity for the day.  They also offer special programs, summer camps,space for events and are involved with several charitable causes.

caitlin beach photoOverall, we could not be happier with our decision to move to Wilmington and raise our family here.  It is the perfect combination of beautiful coastline and true southern charm.  Cape Cod was certainly a special place to grow up and we are grateful for the many memories we made there.  We feel like Wilmington will be just as special for our children.  It truly feels like “home”.

This blog comes from Dune Jewelry’s Carolina Wholesale Rep, Sara Cazeault.  Contact Sara to learn more about Dune Jewelry at sara@dunejewelry.com!

Featured Retailer: Suncatchers’ Dream ~ Sanibel Island, FL

Dan Thompson is the owner of Suncatchers’ Dream on Sanibel Island, located along the southern Gulf Coast of Florida.  Dan fell in love with Sanibel the very first time he visited as a young teenager.  “I had come down to see family and knew one day I would live there…in paradise,” he said.  Prior to moving to Florida, Dan worked in the corporate division of Pier One Imports for 8 years. He was based out of Pittsburgh, PA but traveled all over the state and into New York helping managers set up their stores.Suncatchers-Store

Eventually, Dan left Pier One and transitioned into running a privately-owned store for a friend in Pennsylvania.  When this friend decided to open a second store on Sanibel, he was presented with the chance to begin the life he had always imagined!  Dan immediately accepted the position and moved to his dream island.  “Once I was here, I knew it was to stay,” he said.  However, the store closed post Hurricane Charlie in 2004.  At that time, Dan felt he had already put down roots and considered himself a permanent resident on Sanibel.

155_Shopping at Suncatchers DreamIn 2005, he seized the opportunity to open his OWN store…Suncatchers’ Dream.  It was an instant hit!  The combination of reasonable prices and mostly handmade items was a great fit for the island. His store has grown to feature artists not only from Sanibel but all over the country. Dan feels Suncatchers’ Dream is the most “colorful” on the island, carrying a wide selection of unique gifts, home décor and jewelry. Repeat customers have made Suncatchers’ Dream part of their Sanibel experience because they know they will be able to find something new and exciting in the store.  They also know Dan is extremely knowledgeable about the area and is always ready to give them the best places to eat, shop, shell or kick their feet up!

Dune Jewelry filled with sand from Sanibel and Captiva

Dune Jewelry filled with sand from Sanibel and Captiva

Since most of the jewelry he carries in his store is made by friends involved with the arts festival circuit, he had a lot of exposure to the industry and developed a keen sense for would be well received by his customers.  “When I saw Dune Jewelry, I knew it was a perfect fit for my family of American made beads that aren’t available in any other shops in Southwest Florida,” he said.  Dan carries a large stock of Dune Jewelry Sand Beads, bracelets and Dune Drop earrings filled with sand from Sanibel and Captiva.  He is the exclusive retailer of Dune Jewelry on Sanibel Island.

In addition to his store, Dan has also served as a board member and officer of CROW, the Clinic for Rehabilitation of Wildlife on Sanibel.  CROW is a wildlife hospital that rehabilitates thousands of animal patients each year including sea turtles, otters, bobcats, and many types of birds. He has also volunteered for the Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation which works to protect sea turtle nests during nesting season. He has helped to flag sea turtle crawls, mark nests, and monitor nests until hatching.  With Dan’s involvement in the local community, running his store and taking up residence in paradise, he feels like he has it all.  He said, “I am living and breathing the life I knew I was meant to have…how lucky is that?!”logo-suncatchers

Suncatchers’ Dream is located in the historic Olde Sanibel Shoppes next to the local food favorite, Over Easy Café.  Visit Dan at Suncatchers’ Dream next time you are on Sanibel Island.  You can also keep up with the latest news from Dan on the Suncatchers’ Dream Facebook Page!  

Featured Beach: Siesta Key, Florida

Why is Siesta Key beach consistently rated the #1 beach in the U.S. and beyond?  The moment you step onto the super, soft white sand…you will know.  It’s like nothing you have ever felt.  And there is plenty of it!  Siesta Key beach stretches for 8 miles and is hundreds of yards wide, giving tourists and residents plenty of space to stretch out,  and stay for the day.  Volleyball players are particularly drawn to Siesta Key because of the width of the beach.  On any given day, you will be able to see them staking their claim for a net in the early morning and rotating in players throughout the day.

Siesta2Siesta Beach was ranked No. 1 in the nation in the annual survey by Dr. Stephen Leatherman (a.k.a. “Dr. Beach”), director of the Laboratory for Coastal Research at Florida International University.  “The sand is like sugar,” Leatherman said,.  He also stated that “My favorite time to visit is after Labor Day when things have calmed down, and the water is still warm enough for swimming until November.”

Island Necklace featuring sand from Siesta Key, FL

Island Necklace featuring sand from Siesta Key, FL

The warm gulf waters are also a huge draw to this area, with temperatures reaching into the mid 80’s from June through September.  You can find several options for hotels and resorts along this stretch of beach and plenty of nightlife, shopping and dining options to round out your stay.  From someone who knows this area very well and visits often, just do your research and go!  You will not be disappointed.

Oh, and I must mention the beautiful jewelry that comes from this “sugar” sand.  When you return from your trip, contact us for that special keepsake to treasure your Siesta Key vacation memories year round.

MoiraThis blog comes from Dune Jewelry’s Florida Wholesale Rep, Moira Yon.  You may contact Moira to learn more about Dune at moira@dunejewelry.com!


Beach Business

About the Position:

Dune Jewelry, The Original Beach Sand Jewelry Co. ™ in Hyde Park, MA is offering a unique internship / employment opportunity for two individuals to serve as Dune’s Executive Assistant. This position will work directly with Dune’s Founder, Sales Manager & Creative Director, Holly Daniels Christensen & Dune’s Operations Team. The executive assistant will perform advanced administrative/clerical duties as well as handle project assignments to support initiatives and strategic needs from our administrative & production staff. This position requires a high level of confidentiality and discretion, the ability to manage relationships both internally and externally, excellent time and project management skills, as well as logistics planning skills related to schedule & project management.

This position will also include additional opportunities within our production team, these will be discussed during the interview process. 

Regular Tasks / Requirements:

  • Produces information by transcribing, formatting, inputting, editing, retrieving, copying, and transmitting text, data, and graphics.
  • Conserve executive’s time by reading, researching, and routing correspondence; drafting letters and documents; collecting and analyzing information; initiating telecommunications.
  • Maintain executive’s appointment schedule by planning and scheduling meetings, conferences, teleconferences, and travel.
  • Support day to day tasks of executive including professional & personal errands
  • Prepare marketing & research reports by collecting and analyzing information.
  • Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; participating in professional societies.
  • Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.
  • Support sales management team with order inputing & customer relationship maintenance


  • 2-3 days or 15-25 hours a week (flexible schedule to accommodate class / additional positions)
  • 2014 Internship : Aug – Dec
  • 2015 Internship: Jan – May
  • Paid opportunities available during internship outside of given responsibilities
  • Must have vehicle!
  • Long term employment potential


We will be offering a travel compensation stipend, as well as unique paid opportunities within our Event & Production Departments based on availability. 

Application Requirements:

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Preference of Session (2014, 2015 session or both) 
  • 2 Professional or Academic References
  • Weekly Availability from Dates Listed


Interested applicants should send completed materials to CONTACT@DUNEJEWELRY.COM interviews will be coordinated upon receipt of materials.